Simplify your Freight Forwarding Operations

Streamline your procurement and quoting operations with Intellilogi's advanced platform - a comprehensive solution crafted for freight forwarders seeking to optimize and enhance their workflow

Our Platform

An Industry-standardized automatic quotation system that gathers global supply chain data in real time in order to deliver quotes within seconds

Seamless Webpage Integration

a quotation system that we will easily integrate into your website

Customizable Quote Rates

Customize rates, margins, and quote delivery

Quote Management & Analystics Platform

All-In-One dashboard for quote management & analytics.

Real-Time Shipment Tracking

Enable your clients to track their cargo form in real time from end-to-end

Clients that trust us

Optimize Your Operations: Seamless, Automated Ocean Freight Quoting

We integrate APIs from all major global carriers, truck carriers, and rail freight carriers to enable you to provide your clients with quotes using the most competitive rates in the market within seconds 

About Our Company

After identifying the cumbersome, outdated process of manual ocean freight quoting during internships at his family’s freight business, our founder leveraged his computer science expertise to create a pioneering platform. This innovation automates the quoting process and integrates global supply chain data from over 70 countries, enabling freight forwarders worldwide to generate instant, accurate quotes, revolutionizing efficiency in the logistics industry.